Project Pilots

Five interlinked sub-pilots will be implemented in media4Dplayer project :

SP1 Disseminations and Exploitation

The objective is to inform about the project through various communication activities (website, press releases, social media) and to present it in various trade shows and conferences, or in some bodies such as CSA, EBU HD- Forum …

SP2 Ergonomic and services

First, the project sets the state of the art in terms of accessibility, which allows building on it and optimizing the project. Simultaneously we will develop different user scenarios. Then we will define a representation mode and navigation scenarios for including audio and visual dimensions as close as possible to user needs.

SP3 Multimedia content, coding and synchronisation

This is the technical aspect of the project. The objective is to create a variety of enhanced content and find the best technical solution to encode and synchronize the different streams in order to optimize accessibility features. Accessibility features must be properly performed whatever the end user equipment is. Moreover, it will enrich the data content description specifically related to accessibility criteria in order to increase the performance of search engines and recommendations.

SP4 Integration

The integration will become concrete after a comparison of the different use cases identified in sub-project 2 (SP2) and the technical solutions studied in SP3. The details will be defined in the functional specifications for each use and each platform.

SP5 Focus groups and user tests

User panels will test the media4Dplayer mock-up, when ready, and their observations may lead to changes. Then test terminals will be installed in public spaces to collect in situ experiences. The conclusions of this SP5 allow to design the final form of the player.