Advisory Board

The media4Dplayer Advisory Board

1- The Advisors

Experts from several French organizations, with a strong expertise in the field of accessibility, technological and / or audiovisual, and representing different complementary areas, were selected to form the media4Dplayer Advisory Board.

These advisors have both a long experience in accessibility connected TV, a proven knowledge of the needs of users and media content specifications. With their experiences, they will bring their expertise to the consortium during crucial steps: assessing the final report, dissemination and deployment.

Advisors who have already joined the project:

  • DGMIC: The General Directorate of Media and Culture Industries, from the Ministry of culture  and communication, represented by: Mrs. Sania Matulic and Mr Philippe De Couetos
  • HDForum: organization of the TV HD professionals, French and European, represented by: Mr Jean Mahé

Other members will complete this list to support the project.

2. The Observers

The consortium also invites observers to participate to the Advisory Board. Observers are national companies or public bodies, etc. who are interested in the media4Dplayer project. The observerst can actively contribute to the project improvement as well as its dissemination, permanently or punctually.

Observateur(s) Présentation(s)

CSA : Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel.

Représentée par : Mr Matthieu Roger


Le projet BàBDP TV, la chaine pas si bête !

Web TV, diffusant de contenus d’information, accessible en français (oral/sous-titrage) et en langue des signes. BàBDP TV, la chaine pas si bête ! s’est construite sur la volonté de diffuser les débats citoyens Parlons de nos vies de l’association Bête à Bon Dieu Production, (plus de 40 débats en ligne), véritable mémoire collective abordant des sujets de société, entre sourds et entendants, accessibles en français et en LSF.
Représentée par: Mme Annie Mako